About Our League



Shotgun start every Thursday at 5:30pm. Golfers are expected to arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to start.




The University of Idaho Golf Course


What's the format?


All teams consist of four players who compete in a round robin schedule against other teams in their division. Each match consists of 9 holes. GHIN handicap is used to make sure all players are able to play on an even playing field. Points are given out based on how you did versus your head-to-head opponent from the opposing team. The format is primarily match play with points given out based on who won the hole. There is also a point given to the player that won lowest net stroke play total in the match.


Can I make my own team?

Absolutely! put a team of at least 4 players together, head to our homepage, and click the "register now" button on the left side of the screen. After completing the registration, you will receive a confirmation email of your successful registration. Keep an eye out on this portal and for emails as we get close to the start of the league year.


Who can play?


Anyone ages 14+. The University of Idaho Golf Assosiation offers an all-inclusive league where everyone is welcome. We do ask that you have knowledge of golf ettiquiete and at least basic skills prior to joining our league, and that you are capable of keeping a good pace of play on the golf course.


Don't have a team?


No problem! There are always teams looking for players to substitute, or prior to the start of the league year there are often other players looking to join or fill out a team of their own. Substitutes that do not have a UIGA membership are required to pay a $5 sub fee on the night of the event. GHIN's are not rquired for subs until after their second event subbing. If a substitute still does not have a GHIN on their third night of playing, they will recieve a handicap index of 0. Please e-mail Michael Wagner, PGA at mdwagner@uidaho.edu or Scott Chapman at scottychapman@juno.com if either of these options interest you.


What are the fees?


Each team has a sponsorship fee of $75 that can be paid for by a local business or by the team captain. Upon registration the captain may choose the name of the team. Our teams often will find a local business to sponsor them and will name their team after that business.


Individual fees are $90. This includes both league dues and a GHIN handicap.



Payments can be submitted in the following ways:


  • Effective for the 2021 season all players will be required to have an active GHIN membership
    • Click Here to pay for Membership+GHIN through the Washington Golf Association


  • For the $75 team sponsor payment make checks payable to UIMGA or pay with cash
    • Please put check or cash in an envelope with the form emailed out by Scott Chapman


Have more questions?


Feel free to reach out to any of our board members or click on the help icon on the right side of your screen.


Jeremy Nelson

League President



Michael Wagner, PGA

Handicap Chairman

1st Assistant Golf Professional



Scott Chapman

League Secretary



John Farbo

League Treasurer